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19 October 2009 @ 11:49 am
Eep, it's been slow here! I thought maybe I'd throw up a possible plot bored pups might want to jump in on XD At the least it'll serve as a heads up.

In celebration (read, lazily swiping from) of finishing an episodic fic, I'm tossing the main plot point right onto Cam's head. For those of you who don't want to wade through a 16565 word fic with shippy overtones, the plot's pretty simple and flexible.

Cam (with designated team of the verse, sans a character or two, who might not want to be involved with that part of the plot), has just went out on a diplomatic mission to retrieve a piece of alien tech called the 'phantom device', which has all sorts of nifty possibilities, but also some nasty drawbacks. The specific drawback that concerns Cam is this: during an uprising that broke out while they were negotiating, SG-1 (Or those who were with Cam on this mission) were stuck in this device without consent, and forced into whatever their fondest daydream/fantasy/wish happened to be.

In practice, he'll have recovered from the shock of it, spent time in the infirmary getting over any addictive effects, and been mostly stabilized in any posts dealing with him...but there's still plenty of fun to be had.

Anyone can have gotten stuck on the planet and deal with having their own personal run in with the mental probe of Erised XD There's plenty of revelations to be had if the pup may be in denial about their true heart's desire (as...Cam generally is), and plenty of issues to deal with the memory of having it, and yet it never having existed at all.

Specifically for Cam, I am totally open for his vision to have been anything, whatever makes specific threads or ideas more interesting XD But the notice is more for anyone else interested in toying with their own pup's true dreams (or...in meme fashion, opening them up, too, I suppose).